Her House Media LLC is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of storytelling by producing compelling documentaries and horror-thriller films and books that prioritize the voices, stories, and perspectives of women of color. Our mission is to challenge and expand the narratives within media and film, focusing on themes of beauty, health, and empowerment. By ensuring our content is accessible to all, including the blind and deaf communities, we commit to inclusivity and diversity, not just in representation but in audience engagement. Through our work, we strive to inspire change, promote understanding, and celebrate the richness of diverse stories to create a more equitable and inclusive media world.

The Backstory

Her House Media was born from the passion and vision of the Executive Director, Alyscia Cunningham, who, from a young age, was captivated by the power of true stories and the chilling allure of Caribbean folklore tales shared with her in childhood. Recognizing the scarcity of platforms dedicated to showcasing these unique narratives, especially from the perspective of women of color, Alyscia set out to create a space where these stories could thrive and resonate. Her House Media stands as a testament to her commitment to bringing to light the rich tapestry of real-life experiences and the haunting beauty of folklore stories, providing a voice to the untold and the overlooked. Through Her House Media, Alyscia aims to not only preserve these precious narratives but to weave them into the fabric of mainstream media, ensuring they are heard, felt, and remembered.

Get to know us

Her House Media is an independent media company dedicated to producing documentaries and horror-thriller films and books that spotlight the stories and perspectives of women’s health and beauty, and women of color, with a commitment to accessibility and impactful storytelling.

Most Recent Projects

Explore our latest documentaries focusing on women’s beauty and health and horror/thriller films inspired by the supernatural, starring women of color in groundbreaking roles. Our newest projects reflect our mission to challenge norms, promote inclusivity, and make a lasting impact in the media and film industry.

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